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  • Ad-web 3in1 Platform
    With the rapid development of internet technology, the distance between people is getting closer and closer. We are free from the fixed workplace, saving time and accomplishing more. This is a result of electronic and systematic. Under the drive of the social networking, we believe that a sub-domain name platform will be a good business concept. Therefore, based on the community networks, we develop our brand -- "Ad-...
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    Court mall launched dragon LED color display
    To create a friendly business atmosphere and broke the silence,Dragon Court plaza introduce of LED advertising board, supporting and promoting the sale of shops in and around commercial activities.LED advertising boards can play semi - colored short film and animation,The picture is very smooth.Looking around the wheel distance from GuiHua Road of more than 1000 meters.According to preliminary estimates, from 4 o'clock in the afternoon to 12 o'clock( LED billboards working hours),the Dragon Court plaza passing vehicles,every hour will reach more than 200,and Flow of people no less than 500 people!Down the GuiHua Road heading towards west direction(Billboards direction),People can receive advertising messaging 15 seconds if in car,and the walker will have about 5 minutes to appreciate.

    Contact Person(LED advertising): Mr. Lee Tel:15018970428
    Dragon Court Mall for rent
    Dragon Court plaza is located in GuanLan central position,This building occupies an area of about 2000 square metres.This mall will be the representative of the building business houses, offices, restaurants, retail and leisure venues.

    We will take the past 30 years of operating experience, and create business opportunities, personal relationships, the environment and atmosphere, build your business, and mutual benefit double win for the purpose of! Below is the scope of service ...

    1)Office to Rent
    At present, there are two buildings to rent. One is located in Red Garden District,the feature is 9 tall buildings with Blue reflecting coating glass (name as Commercial Building),the other one is 2 tall shop buildings (The top floor with a large LED advertising boards),and which located in No.79, GuiHua Road,under the commercial building.

    The Commercial Building, having a floor space of 350M2,Nine stores.There is building a lift to the 8 floor,the 8-9 floor are hanging gardens with duplex apartment design.People can have good view of the city from the tower,it is a ideal business office.Due to the 1-2 floor with high commercial value,not intend to split rent.Hope can entire rent to the potential tenants as to contribute to the development of the whole building.The environment is comfortable,there is more than 300 meters of green land in front.If it is not a office, but also as a senior leisure, dining and entertainment places. There are also staircase between the two buildings can be reached.The first and second floor of each layer has 9 rooms for the Commercial Building.Each room, the area is 4x10m,total is 360m2 for the whole layer,as rent for office and shop (the second floor) is good.we also provide Multi -pattern for rent,such as one office table+one file cabinet.the bulidling tail end close to the edge of a mountain areas,it is a perfect place for catering business. This building is also equipped underground parking lot,it is convenient for renter and client.For better management and security,In front with stainless steel gate.once rent some units,Every 12 o'clock in the evening hours, there will be an administrator to close the gate,to serve the Red Garden residents.

    2)Shop Letting
    This shopping mall in addition to the development of rental office rent, also to the development of high - quality and special shops,such as Sky gardens club, Restaurant & bar, garden leisure shops and restaurants.

    3)shopping mall characteristics

    a)excellent transportation system:Walking to busy streets only need 5 minutes

    b)Security environment:The malls located in No.79, GuiHua Road and Red Garden District, position within the community district,there is no place nearby with dense flow.

    c)visitors flowrate:Commercial Building is located in Red Garden District,there are more than 50 residential buildings with 8 floors,one building with 12 floors,and one building with 14 floors.In addition, close to several factories were over 1000 people, so on our resident near the city a total of more than 3,000 people

    d)Famous shops:GHK surpermarket,HengFa hotel,catering (MCD,KFC,ZhenGongfu),Household appliances and various shops

    e)Leisure venues:Guanlan golf club,Shanshuitianyuan,All kinds of clubs,and hotels.

    f)Parking spot:Apart from the the shopping mall reserve position, can be parked on Red Garden and the side of GuiHua road

    g)management measure:The administrator and supervision manage the Environmental health, the 24 - hour closed circuit video monitor, wireless network coverage

    h)traffic convenience:From the mall by car to the following area is estimated:Guanlan golf club(5 minutes),LuoHu custom(35minutes), HuangGang custom (30 minutes),BaoAn airport (45 minutes),Gongduan (30 minutes),LongGang (30 minutes),DanShui (45 minutes),GuangZhou (100 minutes)

    Hope that through these instructions and displays, will initially get you understand and agree that in order to facilitate future access to your support, we can to make persistent efforts, will continue to continue working ideas, work to the best!




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  • Micro Acrylic Specialties

    Phone: 86 0755 27983022

    Website: www.acrylic.com.hk

    Dear value customer: Micro Acrylic Specialties has been established since 1986 in ShenZhen,...


    It's souvenir.com

    Phone: 852 23431933

    Website: www.souvenir.com

    "SOUVENIR.COM" (Chinese name - 广告礼品网.com/.cn/.中国) is jointly established by Advertising Web Ltd...


    Micro Advertising Ltd.

    Phone: +852 2343 1933

    Website: micro.advertising.com.hk

    I'm Ellis, the director of Micro Advertising Limited. In order to be more flexible and diversif...


    Phone: 86 0755 28087347

    Website: www.szrhdj.com



    Phone: 86 755 27982314

    Website: www.expo.ad-web.com


    Advertising Web

    Phone: 86 150 18970428

    Website: www.ad-web.com


  • 随互联网发展至今,好的域名實屬難求,且要在激烈竞争中突顯出自已專業身份,行業域名佔印象分具有必不可少的一環,免却客戶對你專業形象的猜疑,這是一笔无形的资产,"网易通"就是運用行业域名的屬性開發出子域名服務,可以直接反映出企业所在的行业範圍。





    域名 行业 .com .com.hk .hk .com.cn .cn
    ad-web 网易通        
    advertising-web 网易通        
    advertising 广告媒体      
    acrylic 有机玻璃  
    chemical 化工业      
    distributor 经销商  
    manufacturer 制造商      
    novelty 新奇制品      
    polybag 胶袋业      
    premiums 赠品业      
    supplier 供应商      
    suppliers 供应商      
    souvenir 纪念品    
    specialties 专门事业      
    trader 贸易商      



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